Book a collection or delivery

Making a booking is easy.

Use the booking calendar below to book a slot, if your booking a collection feel free to choose any available date. If you are booking a delivery then please make sure to choose a date that is at least two days (48 hours) after the date of your collection.

If your clothes are cleaned earlier than we had anticipated then you will be notified via email and then you will be able to book a closer slot to the date of collection.

Bookings for collection and delivery will have to be done in two steps. First book your collection and then book a delivery date and time.

Delivery Booking Cancellation

​If circumstances have changed or you have simply changed your mind, there is no need to worry. You can cancel your delivery date and time at least 6 hours before your selected slot by sending us an email at OR making an account at the time of booking in order to track all collection and deliveries as well as easy cancellation.

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