Sevenhives is a fully automated easy-to- use cloud based customer relationship management software that provides secure, customized and cost-effective solutions to organizations. Sevenhives has been thoughtfully designed, developed and tested, not just to improve the service to customers, but also to reduce costs, wastage and complaints. The CRM helps the clients to experience an exponential growth in their business by reducing customer churn rates and boosting profit margin.


While working on Sevenhives, our team faced the following challenges:

  • • Designing a single page application using a dynamic UI that allows ease of information navigation.
  • • Calendar implementation to schedule, track and manage calls, meeting, projects and tasks.
  • • Sales automation to identify and manage potential leads. Converting leads into opportunities/accounts/contacts.
  • • Communication management through emails, social timeline comments, documents and calls.
  • • Analytics integration for generating reports.
  • • Inventory management for managing products and quotes.
  • • Knowledge base implementation for customer support.
  • • Integrating marketing automation for running campaigns.

We used extensive PHP Libraries and JavaScipt in order to meet up all those challenges.

Live Preview