Founded in 2013, this extraordinary restaurant is an unconventional delicatessen that offers an exclusive dining experience to the food-lovers in town. Located in the heart of the city, this eatery is based on an unprecedented dining concept offering a unique amalgamation of vintage and modern culinary experience.

The team behind the scenes were three young entrepreneurs who came to us for creating their first permanent space in the city. Our focus was to create a new and exciting social and culinary experience that captures the original essence of what the clients had created.

The spaces are planned around two main social areas which have been thoughtfully organized and crafted using simple and refined palette of materials. To define and differentiate the individual character of each of the main spaces we combined a vast range of exclusive materials such as solid oak, Carrara marble, concrete and blue-powder coated metal. The combination of vintage and modern interior and exterior design is the element that makes this restaurant unique and popular.