Private Penthouse

Dubai, UAE 

The state-of the-art private 4- bedroom penthouse is situated on top of Tower 1 of The Hills Apartments. Located in the heart of the city this exquisite award winning penthouse offers a breathtaking and uninterrupted skyline-view of downtown Dubai.

Mike Ross was given the leverage to experiment with a sequence of spatial experiences that flow horizontally across each floor and interconnect vertically through use of premium quality material and meticulous attention to detail within the staircase design.

The timeless detail of the spaces and the amalgamation of stone, timber and custom metalwork have been thoughtfully designed to a level of perfection to exhibit a tranquil and rich contemporary residence architecture. This work of art is a canvas upon which the Client seamlessly paints their persona and perception due to precise attention to detail and the meticulous design fundamentals entrenched into the project.