Mike Ross designed and constructed an office for a diversified and well-established conglomerate Business Corporation founded in the late 1960’s. While working on this project, our team had the challenge to design, deliver and relocate the headquarters to a new site within a very short span of time. The concept was to design a sophisticated yet creative space that accommodated up to a 100 people while synchronizing the environment with the idea and culture of the business.

Keeping in view our client’s requirements, the project needed to be kept time efficient and economical. We used readily available materials and fittings so that the business flow remains uninterrupted during the office relocation.

Our primary focus was to maximize space efficiency and utility while reducing unwanted visual clutter. The minimalistic design of this workplace is the aspect that makes it a true work-of-art. The bespoke designed walls have been thoughtfully lined up with the opening of the glazed façade to maximize daylight and cross-ventilation during all seasons.