TA Recruitment and Consulting

Most recent Zapro success story: TA Recruitment TA Recruitment is an innovative service which brings together entrepreneurs with quality job seekers nationwide. A valuable addition to the Zapro portfolio.


TA Recruitment and Consulting offers a new way to optimize the entire recruitment process for entrepreneurs and individuals alike. This website is jam packed with tools, workshops and resources to facilitate the employment process and promote career growth among businesses and members in its community. Employers can find the perfect talent and individuals can find the perfect job!

  • Branding, Web Design and Development with Multiple Device Responsiveness, job listings, consultation booking system

  • WordPress (Version 4.7.4) , JQuery, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Bootstrap

  • http://tarecruitmentandconsulting.com/

  • The Zapro team used the Vegas Gold color spectrum to reflect the company’s passionate vision of changing people’s lives and making a positive impact. It promotes wealth and wellbeing for all.

  • Combined with the blue quality of Azure and lighter hues of sky blue accentuated with grey highlights, the golden identity and brand colors underwrites professionalism and trust in a company that cares.

  • Important features of this website include an online booking system for consultation directly with the firm. The resources hub further facilities coaching, mentoring and learning programmes for startup business, entrepreneurs and individuals participating in today’s challenging job market. In addition to technical features, the TA Recruitment and Consulting website is optimized for search engines to attract quality users and professionals in the United Kingdom.