Graphic Design Trends Of 2017

Graphic Design Trends

Everybody knows that the internet is a rapidly evolving space. Constant improvements in development techniques influence the way we work and interact with technology. This in turns have an effect on the way we design.

Thought provoking designers are always looking to push the envelope and create visual impact and 2017 is no exception. Even if you’re not one to follow the trends, it is smart for any agency to be aware of the shifts going on in the industry. Perhaps we, at Zapro Digital – one of top graphic design companies in London, can create a unique design for you. Or give you the opportunity to twist our designs into something new and interesting.

Here is our list of the top 5 graphic design trends we are seeing so far this year:

1-Bright color palettesBright color palettes

There is a shift away for black, whites and grays in the latest graphic design trends. What was previously dubbed “toned down” and “monochromatic” has been revamped to inspire with splashes of bold colors and text to draw attention and impress our audience? Striking color contrasts and complementary palettes are in this season.

2-Authentic imageryAuthentic imagery

Brands are increasingly looking for authentic images to lift their marketing. Apart from the good old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, Authenticity helps build trust, both can be achieved by using the right imagery technology for your message.

3-Increased use of graphics and icons

Increased use of graphics and icons

Time and time again studies have shown that graphic creations can be better than stock imagery because it is more likely to engage your audience. With the advancement of mobile technology on smartphones and tablets in general, the requirement of communication via icons and imaging has increased with graphic design trends requiring easier forms of communications and instructions that users can understand.

4-Bold typography

Bold typography

Typography plays the major role in communication and visual design is no exception. Large typography communicates a strong message and has the instant impact. Bold fonts create emphasis to make certain words and phrases stand out from surrounding text. One way to grab a viewer’s attention in a sea of words is to set some of the text in a bold font. Consequently, heavier and darker stands out more than the regular type.

5-Google Fonts

Google Fonts

When your computer or phone can’t display a font it is replaced with a blank rectangular box in place of the missing glyph. This little box is called .notdef, or “not defined,” in coder lingo, but everyone else just calls it tofu.

Noto, one of the most expensive typographic families ever made, supports 800 languages. Comparatively, Noto also contains 100 scripts in up to eight different weights, innumerable special characters, and absolutely no tofu. Source:

Google now makes at your disposal a huge selection of free fonts that display beautifully on screen and mobile. A worthy investment indeed in graphic design trends today.

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